Michelle has 20 years’ leadership experience in a 31 year career in information technology. She has proven to be very successful in developing extremely engaged and high performing teams and would like to share the benefits of her experience with you. While her background is in the IT industry, her skills for team development and process improvement are generic and can be transferred across any industry.

Accomplishments include:

  • Through increased employee engagement increased staff capacity more than three times to allow for increased workload as a result of COVID-19
  • Transitioned and managed a team of 30 service desk staff working remotely without customer impact
  • Through use of transformational leadership techniques was able to turn around an under-performing team to become an engaged, cohesive and high performing team within months.
  • Improved staff engagement with results from the Gallup Q12 program improving from 2.84/5 in 2012 to 4.20/5 in 2014 resulting in a Most Improved Manager award and significantly improved team performance
  • Improved productivity in the team with call closure rates rising from 236 in May 2012 to 911 in September 2014 without increasing head count
  • Maintained all staff during an extended period of restructure which caused considerable disruptions and resulted in staff departures elsewhere in the division
  • Development and implementation of management tools to give structure and direction to the team resulting in improvements in productivity
  • Implemented cross skilling across the team to manage workload and provide for business continuity
  • Reduced reliance on vendors from approximately 50% to less the 5% resulting in improved responsiveness to customers, cost reduction and improved job satisfaction
  • Improved ability to meet service level targets from 76% in September 2012 to 95% in January 2015
  • Matured processes based on ITIL framework from Initial to Defined
  • Applied performance management techniques to resolve issues and ensure staff competently fulfilled their roles