What working from home taught us about employee engagement

Written for the Australian Institute of Business

This article describes my time working as an IT Service Desk Manager when the decision was made to move the organisation to working, teaching and studying from home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This meant facing the challenges of moving 30+ staff to remote working while simultaneously providing support for the university staff and students we supported.

Based on my experiences and research I have provided some tips and insights for managers looking to support remote workers.

AIB Review, 19 April 2021

Stop building teams and start growing teams

business_10035445-032114Building teams implies that you get the pieces and bolt them together then voila you have a team. Reality is a lot more complex and organic, much like growing an orchid. It takes time, dedication and nurturing. You need to get to know the individuals in the team and learn what motivates them. You need to apply methods to develop team cohesion. You need to develop a team culture. You need to provide the right guidance and direction in a way that is meaningful to the team.