Nathan Panella

Junior Software Engineer, Companion Systems Pty Ltd

February 18, 2021. Nathan reported directly to Michelle

Michelle is a bright and enthusiastic manager who I had the opportunity to work under for a year at the Western Sydney University IT Service Desk.

She was able to jump into her role and provide the team with outstanding management.

Our team was treated well by her, and she provided us with resources and upgrades to improve the working environment. She also handled the shift to remote work when COVID-19 first started.

I am glad to have had worked under her, and wish her well in her future career.

Bryan Pakulski

Senior IT Support Analyst, Western Sydney University

June 10, 2020. Bryan reported directly to Michelle

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle during her time as IT Service Desk Manager.

She performed exceptionally well in the role and successfully took the team to a new level, we were provided with all the resources we needed to operate and she helped to build an efficient and inclusive work environment.

Michelle also had the additional challenge of running the team remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic, she responded very well to the additional workload and stress and there was never any doubt in her ability to handle this new situation and do what was best for our team.

It is a shame to have Michelle move on from our team but I know that wherever she ends up she will bring positive changes and the best out of any situation.

Karen Davies

Program Manager, Western Sydney University

13 May, 2020. Karen was a client of Michelle’s

Do you need a bright star to lead change?

Michelle brought a breath of fresh air into the IT Service Desk Management role at Western Sydney University with some excellent initiatives driven by Michelle to improve the services to staff and students.

Adaptable, innovative, wise, effective, empathetic, engaging – are some of the words that come to mind when I think of the changes implemented and how these were brought to life through extensive stakeholder communication and engagement.

If I had a role available in change management, stakeholder engagement or business line management I would certainly be seeking to have Michelle in my team. I wish Michelle luck in her next opportunity to shine.

Paul Hardaker

Associate Director, Academic and Campus Experience, Western Sydney University

May 6, 2020. Paul managed Michelle directly

Michelle rejoined Western Sydney University in July 2019 taking on the role of IT Service Desk Manager for a period of around nine months. I was greatly impressed with how quickly Michelle was able to come up to speed with what can be quite a challenging role within a large IT department. She has excellent communication and negotiation skills, which are critical to this role. The team she took on responded very well to her management style which has allowed individuals within the team to show initiative and develop professionally and personally under her guidance. During her time with the team Michelle has undertaken a number of team implement initiatives, most notably running a staff engagement survey to identify specific opportunities for improvement.

Michelle is an exceptional manager with deep knowledge and experience of a wide range of effective management techniques and tools. She is comfortable and effective engaging with management at any level within an organisation. She prefers to operate at a more strategic level, but can and will operate very effectively at a operational/tactical level when and as necessary.

I strongly recommend Michelle for any management position that she may apply for.

James Nixon

Co-Founder at Orange Tree Solutions & SQL Server Consultant

August 30, 2018. James reported directly to Michelle

I reported to Michelle for many years at Uniting. Michelle has a proven management style that lends itself to getting the best out of her team by treating everyone as an individual and maximising everyone’s unique skillsets. Michelle created a fun yet hard working dynamic that helped to build a very close-nit team.

Kathleen Gray

PMO Manager at The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

August 1, 2017, Kathleen managed Michelle directly

Michelle is a very experienced manager who is able to come in and work with disparate underperforming teams and turn them around within a short period of time. She is able to do this with a depth of care, understanding, and professionalism that acknowledges and supports the people as individuals and as integral parts of the team.
She has the tools in her skillset to empower and enable her teams to increase the velocity of issue resolution, increase the quality of the responses, and to be able to focus on the future needs, not just the tasks at hand.
I worked with her as a peer and was very impressed with her skills in this area. So much so that when I moved into a new role and had the opportunity to employ her, I did so without hesitating. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for assistance in creating a high quality performing team.

Maithili Kotla

Senior Developer – Integration at UnitingCare

July 6, 2017, Maithili reported directly to Michelle

I worked with Michelle as my manager at Uniting. She demonstrated a very effective management style which worked well for me and my colleagues. She was able to identify and build on individual strengths, improving the overall performance and job satisfaction of the team.

Duncan Horan-Gray

Basware P2P Specialist

July 4, 2017, Michelle worked with Duncan in the same group

I have worked alongside Michelle for a little over 2 years, during this time I witnessed a manager with a style and rapport with her team that created a follow-me-through-fire loyalty, excellent performance and compliance outcomes while also fostering a friendly, fun and candid team dynamic. It was clear to see that the culture Michelle had cultivated gave her team the confidence to perform at their best without compromising their work life balance. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to any prospective employer or client who is interested in developing sustainable high performing teams.

Owen McFarlane

Senior Application Analyst at Uniting

July 4, 2017, Owen reported directly to Michelle

I have worked with Michelle directly for a number of years where she has successfully brought disparate teams together and improved the structure, energy, and output of everyone. She has a vast array of management tools and techniques which are both logical and easy to understand resulting in strong adoption within her teams.

James Axisa

Business Owner – Coffee & Tea; eCommerce, Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing. IT Guru.

July 3, 2017, James reported directly to Michelle

Michelle has the experience and dedication to understand the culture and what motivates team members, to guide and deliver exceptional results. Mentoring, Engagement, Development and her Consultative style have been key to Michelle’s success, of which I am proud to have been a part of.

Ashraf Sidhom

Senior Systems and Network Engineer

October 26, 2016, Ashraf reported directly to Michelle

Michelle understands how to get the best out of her team and team mates.

Sanja Wallis

Applications Support Manager at UnitingCare

October 19, 2016, Sanja reported directly to Michelle

Michelle is a strong and very experienced manager with the natural ability to lead and strengthen a team and improve team dynamics taking into account the varied personalities within the team

Andy Hurst

General Manager, Projects & Service Delivery at 1-Stop Connections

October 19, 2016, Andy managed Michelle directly

Michelle was highly effective in making material improvements to application support services for multiple health and community services based business lines.
By significantly reducing the time taken for her team to resolve users’ issues and requests, the front line staff were able to refocus on client care rather than worry about technology.

Michelle achieved this through investing heavily in her staff as individuals and as a team. By supporting each team member from underneath, the team felt such a degree of trust and direction that Michelle and her team received “most improved team” out of an organisation of 7,800 staff in a staff engagement survey.

There is no doubt that Michelle was an integral part of our wider group’s achievements and I highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking an expert in developing and coaching for high performance teams.

Daryl Fong

Head of Software Development

October 19, 2016, Michelle worked with Daryl in the same group

Michelle is an experienced manager who can really gel her team together. Under her leadership, I could see a more cohesive, loyal and engaged team. She was also very supportive towards her peers and sharing her knowledge. Team and stakeholder management are difficult but Michelle was very good at it.

Tim Ireland

Zuuse — Senior Consultant

June 9, 2010, Tim managed Michelle directly

Michelle, as Information Services Manager (reporting to myself as Executive Director Corporate Services), proved herself to be a very capable and efficient manager of a dynamic department responsible for information services across an expanding network. Michelle possesses strong project management skills and managed multiple projects including WAN upgrade, Citrix rollout as well operational software such as a new Records Management and Payroll rostering system. During this extremely busy time Michelle also managed her team, budgets and ensured that a customer focus was maintained at all times.