• Daryl Fong

    Head of Software Development

    October 19, 2016, Michelle worked with Daryl in the same group

    Michelle is an experienced manager who can really gel her team together. Under her leadership, I could see a more cohesive, loyal and engaged team. She was also very supportive towards her peers and sharing her knowledge. Team and stakeholder management are difficult but Michelle was very good at it.

  • Tim Ireland

    Zuuse — Senior Consultant

    June 9, 2010, Tim managed Michelle directly

    Michelle, as Information Services Manager (reporting to myself as Executive Director Corporate Services), proved herself to be a very capable and efficient manager of a dynamic department responsible for information services across an expanding network. Michelle possesses strong project management skills and managed multiple projects including WAN upgrade, Citrix rollout as well operational software such as a new Records Management and Payroll rostering system. During this extremely busy time Michelle also managed her team, budgets and ensured that a customer focus was maintained at all times.